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Bringing you the flavours of Africa

About AFFA!

A festival filled with colour and flavours from the mothersland thait Africa! We aim to show case the of with African has to offer for the rest of the world to see!”.

Africa is known for many great ideas and creations. Food and art are two such things that bring people of all walks of life together. We invite you to join us at the Afro Festival of Food and Art – AFFA! A day of fun for all ages with entertainment for the whole family!.

Food and Flavours from every corner of The Great Continent

We aim to represent as many “AFRO FLAVOURS” as possible! Some will be spicy, some may be sweet and some flavours you may have never had on your tongue before!

Afro Art and Pride

there will be paintings to stimulate your mind. But of course Afro art  goes beyond the canvas! Expect sculptures  carefully decorated instruments, handmade fashion and so much more!

Lets stay connected!

We are working behind the scenes to make sure you experience at AFFA will be way better than you imagine! But in the mean time we would like to keep you up to date on what we are up to including ticket availability

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+44 000 000 000

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Who are AFFA?

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